Commonly Asked Questions

Dried Surface? If the surface you plan to stencil is recently painted, make sure the surface is completely dried. Use a test strip of the Stencil Motif.

What is a Stencil Motif ? A decorative vinyl adhesive stencil design or a decorative stencil masking. A one-time-use stencil.

Stencil Motifs Storage life?  Store you Stencil Motif in a cool, dry, flat position. We recommend use within 6 months. The adhesive products will break down as would any tape product after 6 months.

Burnish? Lay your Stencil Motif on a hard flat surface. Using the squeegee tool on a 45 degree angle to burnish (rub and apply medium pressure) both sides. This will bond the design to the masking transfer tape portion of the Stencil Motif. Never burnish twice.

Application Surfaces?  Completely dried, sealed drywall smooth or lightly textured, wood, painted metal, concrete, fabric, glass, plastic or hard vinyl, plaster (without wax), tile and a decorative primed and painted surface. 

Can I apply Stencil Motifs on Venetian Plaster? Yes, you must allow the surface to be VERY well dried. At least 72 hours. The Venetian plaster is a soft product and will lift when removing the design. Be very careful and you will be able to use the Stencil Motif on a Venetian Plaster surface. Never wax the Venetian Plaster before applying the Stencil Motif.  

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