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How To Install Stencil Motifs

Stencil Motifs a vinyl adhesive one-time-use stencil pattern. Made of three layers.

Apply to a smooth or semi smooth dry surface.

Layer (1) transfer masking tape that holds the design to transfer to the surface.

Layer (2) vinyl pattern adhesive design. This is your design.

Layer (3) protective vinyl backing pre-release. The layer is removed to adhere the design. (blue)


Follow these simple steps to apply:


  1. Prep & Prepare.  You will need a straight guide line to follow installation. Use a laser light or a chalk line. Find your center mark and make your line. Lay out your design and measure to make sure your sections are correctly installed.
  2. Pre-release Vinyl Material.  Burnish or pre-release the vinyl backing material. Lay your Stencil Motifs design out on a flat hard surface and use a squeegee tool (plastic blade) and release both side by firmly rubbing the surface with the squeegee tool on an angle.
  3. Remove the Pre-Release Backing.                                                                     With the transfer masking (layer 1) side down remove or peel off the blue protective vinyl backing (layer#3 Pre-release) from one corner. Making sure not to lift any of the Stencil Motif design.
  4. Install The Stencil Motifs Design. Once the blue protective vinyl backings is removed, hold and place and install the Stencil Motif starting at the lower corner using your squeegee tool to press and remove all air bubbles as you install your Stencil Motifs. Repeat this process for all sections.
  5. Remove the Transfer Tape.  After Stencil Motif is secure to the surface, carefully peel back the transfer masking tape. Hold and pull it close to the surface at a sharp 180 degree angle. This will keep from lifting the vinyl adhesive Stencil Motif design (layer 2). Pull slowly to insure that you do not remove any of the Stencil Motif design. Shown above.
  6. Apply Your Decorative Products. Apply your desired medium. Then removed the vinyl adhesive Stencil Motif using a pick tool or a razor blade. 
  7. Do not leave the Stencil Motif up for a long period of time.


stencil motif sampleHelpful Hints:

Use the sample cut to test your surface before applying the Stencil Motif.

Only apply to a dry surface.

Peel back the transfer tape at a 180 degree angle.

Use a pick tool to remove the Stencil Motif.

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