Medium Tack 3.4 Mil

Stencil Motifs White with Light Blue Backing Mask

Application Surface: Smooth, lightly textured and plastered ceilings, walls, wood, glass, laminate, plastic, tile or sealed surfaces. Painted, stained or urethane, dried, cured, solid surfaces. No waxed surfaces. Can be used on medium textured surfaces. But design details will be loss and application bleeding may occur.

Product Details: 3.5 mil vinyl thickness. Adhesive acrylic based medium-tack. Maximum width 23.3 inches. Blue contrasting backing with cut white adhesive vinyl design. Transfer low tack tape used for easy transfer installation.


Low Tack 3.2 Mil

Stencil Motifs Blue with Natural Brown Backing Mask

Application Surface: Smooth or plastered surfaces. Ceilings, walls and floors. Used on Venetian plaster, painted drywall and super detail cuts for glass etching and antique mirrors. Conforms easily over rivets, turns or corners. Use only on dry and sealed surfaces. Used on delicate surfaces and easy to remove. Do not apply to waxed surfaces.

Product Details: 3.2 mil vinyl thickness with Matte surface. Adhesive acrylic base low-tack. Maximum width 23.3 inches. Contrasting brown backing with cut blue adhesive vinyl design. Very easy to position during installation and easy removal. Can handle temperature in excess to 350 degree F. Low tack tape is used for easy transfer installation.

Material Samples:: Available FREE, recommend testing application surfaces. If you do not have one of our samples. Try masking tape. Apply and leave 30 minutes. Then remove.

Please note at checkout in comments which vinyl you require.

Helpful Hints: Use a hair blow dryer during removal to loosen adhesive on the Stencil Motifs. (If needed). Used on solid surfaces only (tile, wood.etc) Paint is made from acrylics and if heated will melt. Be very careful and only lightly apply heat (hair blow dryer) to painted surfaces.

CautionStencil Motifs are a one-time-use acrylic adhesive material. Like tape it can damage sensitive surfaces (surface that are not solid, dry or stable.) If a surface is damaged by masking tape. It can be damaged by using Stencil Motif materials. Free samples are available.

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